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1. Our mission and vision

Enterprise mission: To provide quality and value-added service to our customers while giving them high priority; To produce more economic benefit for the enterprise with innovative measures; To create better environment for company staffs to work, study, live, and develop with human-oriented ideas; To make a specialized and talented team with improving their comprehensive abilities as the target.

Development vision: To become the best specialized power equipment supplier in China, and realize the dream of taking the lead to step into the international market as a manufacture of complete-set power equipment.

2. Core values and business philosophy

The core values of the company is to provide " super-value products, and value-added service" to our customers, with the pursuit of perfection in details of the products and a superior customer service which strictly follows technical requirements.

(1) Product philosophy: highly-integrated, simple design, advanced in technology, and reasonably priced.

(2) Technology philosophy: independent innovation after learning from others; taking lead in every step while taking lead in one step.

(3) Market philosophy: concentrated and equalized marketing, taking lead with product differentiation, providing matched equipment and value-added service with specialized technology.

(4) Marketing philosophy: marketing while attaching importance to technology and brand of the products, and good faith of the enterprise.

(5) Action philosophy: taking the initiative and respond quickly, striving for perfection with an earnest and strict attitude.