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More Information on the Design of an Oil Filled Transformer
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In the structure of an oil filled transformer, the inside cavity has radiators, which circulate the liquid to promote cooling and insulation of the coils for a more efficient operation.  When larger, commercial equipment is needed, an oil filled transformer will greatly reduce energy costs and can run at 30 percent overload.  Many large facilities utilize this type of transformer and have found that production increases while operational costs decrease.

Other types of transformers, such as dry-type transformers have high sound levels, but oil filled transformers are much quieter due to the immersion of its mechanisms in liquid.  This results in less vibration as well.  Oil filled transformers require low maintenance and are quite environmentally friendly.  When designed to meet standard electrical regulations, they are very safe and will provide you with many years of dependable production.  Read the webpage on Oil Filled Transformer Requirements for a better idea of mandatory electrical codes and regulations.